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How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

10.11.2012 | welcome!
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How to Enjoy iSurfedThere Not quite sure how to navigate the site? This will get you up to speed in no time. 1. Get Registered To fully enjoy the site, you have to...
The IST Mission Statement

The IST Mission Statement

06.08.2013 | welcome!
55555 Hits: 1928
The mission of is to create an association of like minded people who enjoy surfing and the surfing lifestyle. The purpose of the website is to become a place...
V is for V Bottoms!

V is for V Bottoms!

18.03.2015 | Bird's Boards
Hits: 1671
Introduction: As I write this I find myself wishing I had taken notes along the way. There are details that got lost in the mix, comments made by many old...
THE KIDDIE POOL? If you took a poll of long time San Diego surfers asking for their opinion of the most dangerous breaks in the county, your top ten would certainly...
Ocean Magazine did this great five page article on Joe in a recent issue. Here are all five pages in JPG, with the full higher resolution PDF posted below. Way...

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tubegeak - updated the break Cardiff Reef

commented on a photo 15/02/2017

Well, there is that "Exiting the womb" analogy… ;-) But yeah I think the key word is 'fluid'… every wave is a show of force from the Gods, like the wind. And to ride it is to encounter an ever changing set of challenges involving speed, angle, curve, gravity, inertia, drag, fluid dynamics, wind...

commented on a photo 15/02/2017

Better than nothing!

azukiBEAN shared 2 photos in Random album 14/02/2017

Most of the coast stayed gloomy, and windy.

Carlsbad had decent waves this AM...

& There's got to be a better solution to the showers n sinks being turned off at the beaches.


A classic Pumphouse day!

Drowning my imagination before the tv was a regular routine. I was young and foolish; a kid. The 80s was a wild time. W naught to compare it to, the energy of the era was something obvious. Everything was 'rad!'. Neon colors blinded w/o shame. Hair was big, n 'obnoxiously loud' was a badge of... Show more

V.V.V. Let me guess... was the movie North Shore a big part of this picture? 6 days

Nico is one of my favorite surfers to watch; very nice shots, V!

Glen shared a photo in V.V.V.'s profile. 14/02/2017


azukiBEAN According to the science behind the skinny fins, the fin is already out of the section/area of water that experiences turbulence. Yada yada yada. I... Show more 6 days
V.V.V. First of all, rad photo! I definitely want to try some of these fin setups. That red one is off the hook! Where did you get the pic btw Glen? 6 days

V.V.V. is friends with enriquerod

azukiBEAN shared a photo in Random album 10/02/2017

Does it ever feel like your life revolves around surfing? When does one stop becoming one who surfs, and starts being a surfer? Your input is humbly appreciated... pic for attn.

V.V.V. That's an excellent question... I might start with the idea that when you begin to have an appreciation for the talents of those who came before... Show more 1 week
azukiBEAN I like how u put it, V; and the double entendre was a clever touch! Here are your ?s!
-I don't have an answer for my own ponderment. I will admit...
Show more
6 days
V.V.V. Well, there is that "Exiting the womb" analogy… ;-) But yeah I think the key word is 'fluid'… every wave is a show of force from the Gods, like the... Show more 5 days
V.V.V. has hooted azukiBEAN's photo 09/02/2017
commented on a photo 09/02/2017

Looks like fun! Reminds me a bit of my old Challenger pintail.

azukiBEAN shared 3 photos in Random album 09/02/2017

Well, I went ahead and did a thing... after having run into what I initially thought was a regular surfboard, I decided to purchase my first high volume board. This is what came to be known as my Fatty Quad. It's a lot of board but it sure as hell is a bucket of fun! --and after so many years of... Show more


enriquerod is friends with azukiBEAN