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How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

10.11.2012 | welcome!
Hits: 1948
How to Enjoy iSurfedThere Not quite sure how to navigate the site? This will get you up to speed in no time. 1. Get Registered To fully enjoy the site, you have to...
The IST Mission Statement

The IST Mission Statement

06.08.2013 | welcome!
55555 Hits: 1857
The mission of iSurfedThere.com is to create an association of like minded people who enjoy surfing and the surfing lifestyle. The purpose of the website is to become a place...
V is for V Bottoms!

V is for V Bottoms!

18.03.2015 | Bird's Boards
Hits: 1548
Introduction: As I write this I find myself wishing I had taken notes along the way. There are details that got lost in the mix, comments made by many old...
THE KIDDIE POOL? If you took a poll of long time San Diego surfers asking for their opinion of the most dangerous breaks in the county, your top ten would certainly...
Ocean Magazine did this great five page article on Joe in a recent issue. Here are all five pages in JPG, with the full higher resolution PDF posted below. Way...

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V.V.V. added a new video - toe up!!! 21/11/2016

So good, wow. Bitchin music and Peterson is off the hook!

Underdogs Run Free - Michael Peterson

Imagens do filme Mornig of The Earth, The search for Michale Peterson Musica por ANS ( http://www.myspace.com/ans ) www.againstthejet.weebly.com

tubegeak uploaded a new cover photo, Barceloneta 10/11/2016
tubegeak changed Barceloneta's avatar 10/11/2016

tubegeak - updated the break Barceloneta

tubegeak uploaded a new cover photo, K-38 08/11/2016

tubegeak - updated the break K-38

tubegeak - updated the break Scripps Pier

Vincent von Vinyl commented on V is for V Bottoms! 04/11/2016

I just ran into Steve Hawk (former editor of Surfer Magazine) and John Carlson (founder of Made in the Shade hats) at a coffee shop in Encinitas and had a very interesting conversation about the old v bottom boards. John was telling me how his first "shortboard" was a v bottom, and that he still...

azukiBEAN where's the rest of the story? 2 weeks ago

Wow. Dude is so fun to watch! Right on TooTs!


TooTs. Queens, Waikiki - Surfing in Hawaii

Saturday morning surfing at Queens, Waikiki surf break with TooTs. An extraordinary classic longboard surfer who never fails to entertain me. As Devon Howard...

azukiBEAN SIIIIIIIICK! 2 weeks ago
azukiBEAN shared a photo in Random album 06/10/2016

A mellow ride on my 9' Squish. Missing these mellow but well-formed days!

Do u ever wonder if one is stuck w one style of surfing? I was asked (recently) how it's possible to change a surfing style; I personally believe it's possible. The "How" is the mystery... ?

V.V.V. I've been trying... lol. Two things that have helped me a little are doing photography and judging at contests (because in both cases you are always... Show more 2 months
azukiBEAN shared a photo in Random album 29/09/2016

This is my mashup between a bodyboard and a surfboard!?
6' x 25" x 4"
Tony Caramagna shaped it for me.?

V.V.V. Yew and it doubles as a table, nice!!! 2 months
V.V.V. www.youtube.com/watch

Kelly Slater Surfs On A Table

Kelly Slater surfs on a table. Incredible video of an amazing surfing act. 11 time world surfing champion of the asp world tour surfs on a table.

2 months

What a blast that was! Still can't believe I made the finals with the likes of Isaac Wood, Matt Dalton, nicoespi and Nick Derov... Thanks for a bitchin event OMBAC!!! Oh and thanks for the pics Jeff Kerridge!