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Malibu (The 'Bu, Surfrider Beach) Surf Break at | I Surfed There! | 2016


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V is for V Bottoms!

V is for V Bottoms!

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Introduction: As I write this I find myself wishing I had taken notes along the way. There are details that got lost in the mix, comments made by many...
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How To Enjoy iSurfedThere!

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The IST Mission Statement

The IST Mission Statement

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The mission of is to create an association of like minded people who enjoy surfing and the surfing lifestyle. The purpose of the website is to become a place...
THE KIDDIE POOL? If you took a poll of long time San Diego surfers asking for their opinion of the most dangerous breaks in the county, your top ten would certainly...
Ocean Magazine did this great five page article on Joe in a recent issue. Here are all five pages in JPG, with the full higher resolution PDF posted below. Way...

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    • Courtesy of

      Malibu Lagoon is a famous right-break that had a big impact on the surfing culture in Southern California in the 1960s. Located near the Malibu Pier, it is still probably the most surfed spot in Los Angeles County. The (usually) triple-cornered shoreline created by the buildup of silt, sand, and cobble at the mouth of the creek has long been known as Malibu Surfrider Beach, which is widely regarded as one of the most important beaches in the history of what has become a global surf culture. Malibu Surfrider Beach is world famous for the tapering, smooth-breaking waves and are recognized among surfers worldwide as the gold standard for summertime "point" surf.

      Malibu Lagoon has three primary parts to the wave. First Point is a perfect wave that is very popular with longboarders.[2] Some of the standouts include Josh Farberow, Dane Peterson, and the Marshall brothers. On bigger swells, a lot of the shortboard crew from Second and Third Point move down to first to take advantage of the perfect shape.

      Second Point is the main wave for high performance surfing. It has a main take off that lines up and connects into the inside called the "kitty bowl". Sometimes barreling, this is where most of the high performance shortboarding takes place. Here you can find locals like Robert Von Sternberg, Ricky Schaffer, and Allen Sarlo.

      Lastly, Third Point which consists of both a left and right. The right usually closes out into Second Point whereas the left can go all the way through. On the best south swells of the summer, usually in late August and September, you can get rides from the top of Third all the way to the pier - a couple hundred yards.

      In fact Malibu is so famous that it warrants three webcams on Surfline!

      Malibu First Point Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

      Malibu Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

      Malibu Overview Live HD Surf Cam. Check out more Surf Cams at

    • Region
      Los Angeles county
    • Created
      Saturday, 08 June 2013
    • Type of break:
         point break
    • Bottom contour:
         mixed sand/rocks/reef
    • Wave direction:
    • Type of wave:
         long walls
         steep drops
         fast hollow barrels
    • Experience level(s):
    • Accessibility:
         parking but crowded
    • Local crowd vibe:
    • Best season(s):
    • Best tide:
         mid - rising
         mid - dropping
    • Best wind direction:
    • Best swell direction:
    • Hazards:
         beginners dropping in
    • Crowd level:
         always crowded
    • Consistency:
    • Overall rating:
    • Break Admins